Meet Claire Nicell, Joint Head of Education & Learning

Claire describes the Hospice as a caring, beautiful and safe space,


Describing the Hospice as a caring, beautiful and safe space, we caught up with Joint Head of Education and Learning, Claire, to learn more about her role and what she loves about the Hospice… 

“As a nurse and an educator, I work with my education team colleagues to share knowledge and passion with a wide range of people about different aspects of palliative care/ palliative rehabilitation and to encourage personal development. These people include internal staff and volunteers, members of the public, patients and carers and a wide range of health and social care professionals.   

Recent highlights for me have included - teaching over a 100 paramedics and paramedic students about the important role they play in getting it right for patients who call 999, as they approach the end of their lives. Delivering Dementia Friends Awareness session for members of the public and training GPs/ specialist nurses about the importance of getting the conversation right around resuscitation and end of life care wishes. (To see the sessions we offer please visit: 

My favourite thing about the Hospice is the people that work there- they are an amazing group of dedicated, caring, fun, kind and inspiring people who all work hard for the common purpose of helping others live well and die well 

What keeps me going in this job is the belief that such training inspires and instills confidence in others for the benefit of the people they care for! Best moments for me are when I have delivered training and I realise the penny has dropped for delegates and that my input will change their practice for the good (and the benefits of others).” 

We asked, would you recommend working at the Hospice? If so, why? 

Claire replies, “Absolutely! The Hospice is an inspiring and beautiful place to work. Everyone is dedicated and supportive- and there are lots of opportunities to develop, be innovative and make a difference. 

Plus… there are the tastiest lunches made by the Kitchen team. My favourite has to be a homemade quiche and salad!”