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Support for Family, Friends and Carers

When someone is diagnosed with a serious illness, everybody in the family is affected. It takes time to adjust and find ways of managing the illness.

We can help all the family including partners, children, teenagers and close friends addressing questions about caring, financial support and how to explain to children what’s going on.

Our services for families include:

<p>Complementary Therapy</p>

Complementary Therapy

Help improve wellbeing and reduce anxiety

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<p>Social Care</p>

Social Care

Our qualified and experienced social workers offer psychosocial and emotional support

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<p>Carers Support</p>

Carers Support

If you are caring for someone, our team are there to help you

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<p>Children's Services</p>

Children's Services

We support family members and children when there is a significant illness in the family

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<p>Creative Therapy</p>

Creative Therapy

Art has therapeutic benefits for people facing serious illness.

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<p>Spiritual Support and Advice</p>

Spiritual Support and Advice

If it is your wish, we can help you to face those difficult questions

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Access our care

Access our care

If yourself, a relative or partner would like to be considered for any of our support please do fill in our short referral form.

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