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By spiritual care we mean the essence of who a person is, what’s important to them, the things they are interested in, whatever lifts their spirits and how they cope with the difficult times in their life . This might be connected to faith or a particular faith or spirituality, but can also be about things like family, sport, TV or your love of music.

We recognise that many things which give us pleasure and meaning in our life are more difficult to connect with when we are ill although recognise that this is just the time we need to connect with those pleasures even more.

Illness also brings us face to face with very difficult questions about the meaning of life, the meaning of illness, why bad things happen and how dreadful losses can be faced.

If it is your wish, we can help you to face those difficult questions. Our chaplain and all our staff are trained to listen and help you explore these challenges.

 Spiritual Support

If yourself, a relative or partner would like Spiritual Support or Advice please do fill in our short referral form.

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