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Meditations for Everyday

Photo of woman smilingAllow our trusted Practitioner Toral to guide you through these wonderful daily Meditations.

Meditation allows the body and mind to relax, recover and rejuvenate, bringing a sense of calm & balance.

Regular Meditating can help to encourage our brains ‘delta’ waves which are synonymous with a really deep state of relaxation that we experience when we have a peaceful sleep or experience other deeply relaxing interventions. These delta waves benefit us by boosting our immune systems, and bring a sense of clarity and harmony.

Here are a few tips you can incorporate to help the process:

  • Take yourself off to a nice quiet space, where you are not likely to be disturbed (turn your phone to silent, or better still off altogether)
  • Make sure you are warm enough, comfy and well supported with cushions and throws
  • You can sit or lie down, whatever feels right for you
  • Most people like to close their eyes, but this is not compulsory
  • You might like to have some gentle relaxing music in the background, dim the lights or light a scented candle
  • Alternatively being in nature and feeling the warmth of the sun on your face or a warm breeze can be helpful


Some of our meditations include the use of positive affirmations – if these feel uncomfortable to hear or repeat in anyway – you could try replacing them with a different phrase such as:

  • ‘I feel a little calmer’
  • ‘I am learning to relax more’

If you prefer you could just direct your focus to your breath, and slowing this down.

Grounding Process

Each Meditation includes a grounding process towards the end. This is really important and helps to cement your experience, safely bringing you back to the present moment. You can support this process by drinking some water both during and at the end of every meditation.

Six Daily Meditations


Monday’s Meditation – Love & Harmony (approx. 12 mins)

This meditation really allows you to tune into your body, giving you permission to release feelings of tension; resentment and sadness and welcoming in Love; Harmony and Healing – with the use of affirmations



Tuesday’s Meditation – Sunshine of the Breath (approx. 13 mins)

Soothing warm and calming this meditation allows you to sink deeper into a comfortable space, filling your body with warmth and peace – without affirmations



Wednesday’s Meditation – Clearing Your Energy (approx. 16 mins)

The perfect meditation to help clear any unwanted feelings, conflicts and concerns – making space for you to receive energy, love & light – with the use of affirmations.



Thursday’s Meditation – Trusting Yourself (approx. 16 mins)

This meditation will help to raise your vibrational energy, connecting your mind and heart, encouraging you to hear and trust your inner wisdom – with the use of affirmations.



Friday’s Meditation – Gateway to Peace (approx. 17 mins)

A very visual experience that visually takes you through your senses, giving you permission to release and let go, building your awareness and a loving presence – without affirmations.



Weekend Meditation – Chakra Healing (approx. 16 mins)

A beautiful and powerful meditation that takes you through your seven core chakras (body’s energy centres).

Bringing you a greater sense of belonging & connection; expanding your emotional intelligence; connecting with your personal power; developing your self-growth and unconditional love; empowering yourself through personal expression and authentic communication; trusting your intuition bringing clarity and insight; restoring balance, harmony and oneness.

 This meditation uses a number of powerful affirmations throughout.

Closing thought…

Be gentle with yourself particularly if you are new to meditating, some days it comes much easier than others.  You will soon find your favourite meditation, and remember to be gently and to take it slowly - It takes time to reap the benefits of Meditation, I promise it will be worth the practice.

Happy Meditating!

 Sandy Signature

Sandy Winyard

Complementary Therapy Lead at The Hospice of St Francis


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