Meet Rujav, student volunteer

Rujav has been a student volunteer on the Inpatient Unit for over a year


“When I first came to the Hospice, I was afraid of making mistakes. I didn’t want to say something wrong or drop food on a patient. But if you just act like yourself, you quickly get used to it.”

“I like going up to patients, giving them food, talking to them about themselves. You’re able to hear a person’s perspective. One patient missed their family, and I was empathising with them.”

“It’s an enriching experience talking to patients in palliative care. If you feel like you’re going off track with your aspirations or family life, it helps you stay on track. You appreciate life more. I think this early experience with patients will also help me in my future career.”

“I know that I’m actually making a tangible difference which is the most important part for me.”