Meet Filipe,  Finance Planning & Analysis Analyst

Filipe describes the Hospice as an “Amazing place to work!”


Meet Filipe from Bushey. A husband and father of two children, he joined the Hospice on 28th June 2022, as our hospice Finance Planning & Analysis Analyst. 

He says, “I found the role through an agency and settled in quickly within the team. I felt very welcomed within the team and the Hospice!” 

Moving from Brazil to the UK in 2015, Filipe enjoys music, playing a couple of string instruments and sport including Weightlifting and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) in his spare time. “I enjoy the sport and have practiced a bit before, actually started 20 years ago when I was 16 years old. Practiced Muay Thay and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu till the age of 24.” 

I work with budgets planning/calculations, cost/income analysis actual vs budget figures and forecast projections. I particularly enjoy working with interactive projections because the result (interactive) after all the calculations and analysis makes it fun and seems very easy to use.” 

Reflecting on his favourite memory at the Hospice, Filipe shares… “One day I saw the Myeloma statue at the entrance of the Hospice, covered in snow. I stayed there for quite a while contemplating the beauty! It was amazing.” 

Asking to describe the Hospice in 3 words, Filipe actually gives us 4! “Amazing place to work!” – it was 4?!” 

Filipe recently took part in our Green with Envy Fashion Show on 1st February at Shendish Manor! He was one of the models, wearing two fabulous preloved outfits from our shops including a stylish shirt in our holiday range. The evening was a roaring success!” 

“I really enjoyed taking part! It was super fun. I didn’t enrol myself, but was actually invited and accepted to challenge myself. I’ve never done or felt comfortable doing anything close to it!”  

We asked Filipe his favourite lunch prepared from our kitchen team. He answers…“I had burger on a Friday, it was super delicious – I will definitely be ordering that again!”