Meet Carol, Hospice Community Carer

We're compassionate and we listen


“I’m a Hospice Community Carer with the Rapid Personalised Care Service. We’re a small specialist team, caring for patients who have less than twelve weeks to live.

We support patients who wish to be at home with their loved ones at the end of their life. We may visit a patient up to four times a day, and it’s quality time.  They often look forward to our visits and share their stories – sometimes there is laughter.

During our visit, we’ll help with a bed bath and assist with whatever is needed to ensure a patient is comfortable.

A patient may share their concerns and we soon feel like part of the family.  We often give a family member a hug if they need it. We’re compassionate and we listen. It’s an honour to be able to care for people at this time in their life.

I’ve been involved with the Hospice since 2004, and it’s not just a career but a significant part of my life. Previously, I was PA to Dr Ros Taylor MBE when the Hospice was rebuilt, and I always fundraise for our care.  

We’re unique and I’m proud of what we do. Even after I retire at the end of May, I plan to continue working with our amazing team.”


The Rapid Personalised Care Service made 1546 visits to patients at home between January and March of 2024.