Lisa - Shop and Fundraising Volunteer | The Hospice of St. Francis

Lisa - Shop and Fundraising Volunteer

Meet Lisa, who lives in Abbots Langley with her husband, two sons, Henry 21, and Arthur 19, and their 4 dogs. She’s been a volunteer at the Hospice Abbots Langley shop since March 2018. Here, she describes her role and involvement with the Hospice…

“I’ve been a volunteer at the very busy Abbots Langley shop for about a year. My main task is to look after the payments from customers at the till although there is always lots to do.”

Lisa had a previous career as a nanny for 15 years but sought volunteering work when she had her two children. “I now have plenty of time on my hands and love giving something back to the community. I look forward to my Monday mornings in the shop – it’s a great way to start my week!

“I am not new to volunteering work. In the past, I’ve been a Manager of a charity shop. Changes in family circumstances meant I wanted to find part-time work and giving to those in need always appealed to me. Being a local resident in the village meant The Hospice of St Francis shop was a perfect fit!

I also find that having lived in the village for many years and as a friendly outgoing person myself, local contact and friendship with other village folks brings a positive benefit all round.”

Lisa fondly recalls of one of her most memorable moments while working in the shop…

“It is of huge satisfaction and a testament to the good of human nature when having sold a glass ornament to a customer recently - she went home, looked up the item identity on the internet, found it was far more valuable than the price she paid, came back to the shop and gave us a further donation – brilliant!”

In addition to her volunteering for the Hospice, and getting involved in the local community, Lisa’s other interest is dog breeding.

“It was so unexpected and I was so pleased when The Hospice of St Francis offered me a complimentary first aid course for dogs, based in Chipperfield. “The course covered a variety of everyday things that could happen to your pet. We even did CPR on a rubber dog!”

She adds, “There’s so much more to the Hospice than we can see at first glance and I am looking forward to a long and happy time there as a volunteer.”