Kim - Shop and Fundraising Volunteer | The Hospice of St. Francis

Kim - Shop and Fundraising Volunteer

Meet 57 year old mother of 3 and grandmother of 2, Kim Hall, who’s lived in Berkhamsted for 22 years. She volunteers at our Berkhamsted shop, doing a variety of roles which range from working on the till, taking in donations and checking them, to helping customers and filling the shop with stock.

She has also taken over the role of sorting the jewellery at the shop, and often liaises with local jewellery shops for advice when needed.

“I tell everyone how much I’ve genuinely enjoyed my 11 years at the shop. The volunteers I’ve met have become very good friends and I really enjoy every shift I do.”

Kim continues, “I wanted to volunteer for a local charity and my daughter-in-law’s father had been cared for at the Hospice so I knew what a wonderful place it was.”

Having previous experience in retail and office work, once Kim started a family and began caring for them she was keen to apply her existing knowledge to a volunteering role.

“My husband and I like to travel and we are away a lot so volunteering seemed ideal. We love travelling and go to Florida twice a year.”

When asked what perspective her volunteering role gives her of the Hospice, Kim states, “You see it from both sides as sadly a lot of our donations are from bereaved family members who want to try and give back something to the Hospice for the care their loved ones have received and many of our customers have personal experience of the Hospice.”

“The most rewarding aspect is knowing that everything you do will help to keep the Hospice running and caring for families in the way we would all want to be looked after. It’s also making friends with our wonderful customers who come into the shop. We are on first name terms with many of them.”

When asked if anything unusual has happened during her time as a volunteer with the Hospice, Kim comically admits, “My biggest mistake was pricing a Phillip Treacy hat for the wrong amount, I was so upset I emailed the company explaining and they very kindly donated a hat to us which we auctioned off!”