Welcoming a patient to the Inpatient Unit | The Hospice of St. Francis

Welcoming a patient to the Inpatient Unit

The patient is at the heart of our care


From the first greeting at the door, where we introduce ourselves and find out what the patient prefers to be called, we’re creating an environment where the patient is at the heart of our care.  

Before they arrive, we consider their needs so we can prepare their room for them. Every room overlooks the garden, providing a natural environment that many patients have not been able to enjoy for some time. 

Those first minutes and hours set the scene for the time to come: making the patient comfortable; ensuring they know how to call for assistance when needed; finding out what their main concerns are and how we can best meet their needs.

Routines are explained and team members introduced. Family members are greeted and shown around. Cups of tea and coffee are on offer.  The catering team are on hand to provide something tasty to tempt patients.

Each of our patients is a person who we aim to treat with dignity and respect in an environment where they are cared for. All of this is in a bright, calm setting where a smile counts for so much and hugs and humour are common. 

Perhaps one of the biggest testaments to those first few hours is that our patients’ family members feel able to leave their loved one with us in an environment where they will be safe and cared for.