Mary's Story | The Hospice of St. Francis

Mary's Story

“The care, love and respect...It’s hard to put into words.”

“It took ages before I was able to walk in here. My daughter didn’t even want me to say the word ‘hospice’. But I couldn’t have dreamt it was like this. And not just for me, but for my family.” 

Mary (65) from Hemel, who is living with heart failure, recalls how she “thought the worst” when she was referred to The Hospice of St Francis. 

“At hospital they said they couldn’t do any more for me. They were turning me over to palliative care. 

“I didn’t know about the Hospice. But they make you feel special. I came in (to the Inpatient Unit) so poorly. At one point they felt I was really deteriorating – but they didn’t give up on me.” 

Having spent just under two weeks at the Hospice, Mary shares, “You don’t always come to die. I was petrified I was going in and not coming out. The care, love and respect...It’s hard to put into words. Thank you doesn’t seem enough.”  

Recalling one moment during her stay Mary explains, “One Sunday morning as a surprise the nursing team arranged for a horse to come up to the room. It was magical – a shining example of the ‘care’ they give.” 

Mary’s husband Bernie shares, “I’ve been here every day. The care is absolutely incredible. You can’t pick one individual (from the nursing team). It is every single one of them.” 

“Even just being able to have dinner as a family, like at home. They make it so homely.” 

“If you are in need of care like this, you can’t get any better. I couldn’t recommend the Hospice enough,” concludes Mary, who has now been discharged home