Chapter Two Update - 13th May 2020 | The Hospice of St. Francis

Chapter Two Update - 13th May 2020

In a parallel universe where the COVID-19 crisis never happened, Chapter Two would have been open to the public for six weeks now, but in reality our opening preparations came to an abrupt halt on 22nd March, just after we had the bulk of our 15,000 books delivered to the shop ready to be shelved.


Last week myself, Lynn and Bridget visited the shop for the first time since lockdown was announced. Fitted with masks and gloves and situated at different ends of the shop, we began the exciting task of getting our bookshop into shape…building it section by section. All of our books are locally sourced donations and it has been interesting to see the range and variety of your reading.

Fiction titles comprise the largest donated genre with around 3,500 novels. General fiction, crime, and thrillers have been placed in first section against the left wall. Most popular donated authors include Lee Child, James Patterson, Jeffrey Archer, Philippa Gregory and Stephen King. It was heartening to read a recent Reading Agency survey of 2,000 people that found that 31% of people were reading a lot more since lockdown.