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Providing care for families is at the heart of our appeal and we are asking if you can give a family precious time together by donating to the Hospice today.


Meet Sharon

I’m Sharon Clark, Head of the Inpatient Unit at The Hospice of St Francis.

The Hospice is an incredibly special place.  The care we provide for our patients and their families is only possible because of the wonderful support we receive from people like you. 

Sadly, in recent times I have seen increasing numbers of younger people turning to the Hospice for care.  This means that as well as caring for them, we are supporting their family and those closest to them.   

Younger families often prefer to be with us at the Hospice.  We take care of their medical needs so that the whole family can focus on making memories together whether that be a movie night with popcorn, enjoying a homecooked family meal or cuddling the much-loved family pet.  Nothing is more important than making the most of the time they have left and providing care and support for these families is at the heart of this appeal.  

Your support will make all the difference to the lives of patients and their families.  People like Neil who we had the privilege of caring for last year.  I saw first-hand what it meant to him and his family to be at the Hospice. 

Read on to hear more about Neil and Liz’s story...

Meet Liz

Neil and I had fallen in love at work, where we were both accountants. We took our careers seriously, but we decided to work less when our daughters were born so we could spend as much time with them as possible.

Neil was always a hands-on dad, taking the girls to baby groups and making up silly songs. We were getting ready to celebrate Neil’s 40th birthday but he’d been feeling unwell for a few months. The GP assured us it wasn’t cancer but in one short moment, our lives shifted. Neil had a stage 4 tumour.

One year and two months after Neil’s diagnosis, we arrived at the Hospice of St Francis. It felt like such a relief. Finally, someone was listening to us with empathy and patience.


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Your kindness and generosity gives the Hospice nurses and doctors the strength they need to continue caring even in the toughest of times.

If you would like to, please write a message to them, which will be shared with the team.

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