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What were you doing in 1979?

Margaret Thatcher became our first female Prime Minister, smallpox was eliminated, the year opened with the winter of discontent, the Walkman was invented, YMCA by the Village People and Gloria Gaynor’s disco anthem, I will Survive were in ‘The Charts’ and in Berkhamsted, a small group of people had discussions about starting a new charity and settled on a Hospice…


Our Ambitions

  • Doubling the reach of the care
  • Embracing digital technology, having a great balance between people and technology
  • Staying outstanding for our care
  • Being fortified for our future
  • Re-configuring our building to improve our rehab space
  • Increasing our research projects to push boundaries for best possible care
  • Our fundraising surprise and delight
  • Inspiring more people to volunteer and taking our volunteer ratio from 1 in 5 staff to volunteers, to 1 in 10. Inspire more people to volunteer

40fying us

87% of our income is raised in partnership with local people. We couldn’t have achieved all our care for countless numbers of patients over the past 40 years without you, your passion and your support. Your contribution over the years helps us to enable local people live their precious lives well. We need you to 40fy us for our next forty years by committing to a regular direct debit to the Hospice. Can you spare 40p a day, £12 a month to provide a regular donation and sustain our care into the future?

Set up a direct debit today.

Alternatively, can you give four hours as a volunteer, clear out your wardrobe and donate 4 things to us or join our birthday celebrations..

Share your memories of 40 years of our care!

Your Memories

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