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Make A Will Q&A

Making a Will might be daunting so we’ve put together some useful tips.  We recommend you speak with a qualified professional and take legal advice about your individual circumstances.


Q.What happens if I don’t have a Will

A The consequences of dying intestate (i.e. without having made a Will) can prove both complicated and expensive.  At a stressful time for your family and friends, this worry and expense can be avoided if you have left an up-to-date Will making it clear what your wishes are after your death.

Q. Can a gift to charity help me pay less tax?

A. You can benefit good causes by leaving a legacy or share of your estate to charity, free of inheritance tax (IHT). Larger estates may be able to benefit from a reduced rate of IHT, subject to certain rules, and your solicitor will be able to update you on the latest laws in this area to minimise the inheritance tax liability on your estate.

Q. What if I want to amend or add to my Will?

A. It’s important to review your Will regularly to take account of changes in your life and to inheritance tax rules. A Codicil may be used in certain circumstances to make changes without rewriting the whole document.

Q. If I’ve left a gift to The Hospice of St Francis in my Will, should I tell you?

A. It is helpful for us to know about any intended gifts so that we can thank you for your incredible generosity and keep you informed about our good work in the community and future developments at the Hospice. It helps us to plan for the future if we are aware of future gifts and you can send an email in confidence to our Gifts in Wills team at to advise us of your intentions.

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