A Step by Step Guide | Leave a gift in your will | The Hospice of St. Francis

A Step by Step Guide

Important steps in making your Will.

A Will is such an important part of life planning, and we all need one, especially if we have experienced a significant change in our lives such as buying a property, getting married (or divorced!), having children, taking a long holiday, or entering retirement.

We are not able to offer legal advice, but we can share these important steps with you. 

  • Decide who will be named as executors in your Will as they have the important role of being responsible for making sure your wishes are fulfilled.


  • If you have children under the age of 18, nominate a Guardian who has agreed to take on this role.


  • Make a list and calculate the value of your assets which will include any property you own, cars, savings/investments and any debts.


  • Decide on the family, friends, and charities you would like to remember in your Will. We know that looking after your loved ones is the highest priority, but you may want to leave a specific amount of money to the Hospice of St Francis or prefer to leave a percentage of your estate.


  • Visit a solicitor or take advantage of Octopus Legacy, our free Will writing service, to get your Will drawn up. Depending on the time of year, you may want to take advantage of our Make a Will Month in October.


  • Your solicitor will look after your Will for you, but we know many people like to keep their own copy for their records. It is important to make sure you keep it in a safe place and tell someone close to you where you have stored it.