Meet Jackie, IPU Volunteer

Meet Jackie, IPU Volunteer

Jackie started volunteering with the Hospice in 1979


“I’ve been volunteering with the Hospice since 1979. I started by doing secretarial work for Pam Macpherson [Hospice founder], typing letters and keeping records of volunteers and early home patients.

Pam was a very inspirational woman. Her enthusiasm was infectious and carried you along with her.

Back then, end of life was quite taboo. But I liked the idea of the holistic approach to helping patients and their families. A hospice was a place where you felt safe and were able to talk.

Over the years, I’ve held many roles at the Hospice including working with the bereavement services, especially the helpline. Currently, I volunteer on the Inpatient Unit and I get a huge amount out of it. It’s the most perfect giving you can do.

I have a great loyalty to the Hospice – I’ll defend it to the end. It’s about belonging and being part of a loving caring place. I feel everybody here is my friend.”

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