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Funeral Donations

In times of great sadness, making a donation to charity to celebrate someone’s life can be a real comfort. Your gesture will enable us to continue to provide our invaluable services to many more families who need us.

If you would like to collect donations in lieu of flowers at a funeral or memorial service please contact our Fundraising team. We have special donation envelopes and collection boxes we can send to you to help make this process easier.  

Alternatively, do speak with your Funeral Director, as they are often happy to organise collecting the contributions and take responsibility for forwarding them to us directly.

We will write to thank you and let you know the total amount raised in memory of your loved one, and can also write to individual donors, if we have their details, ​to thank them as well.

There are many special ways to remember a loved one whilst supporting us, to find out more please click here.

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