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Film Forum

The Spring Centre at The Hospice of St Francis

Doors Open 6:45pm - Film Starts 7:00pm

Our Film Forums are held at the Spring Centre at The Hospice of St Francis on the first Wednesday of the Month.

A suggested donation of £5 for refreshments. ​



Wednesday 1st April

JudyThis biopic concentrates on the last months and the final performances of Judy Garland’s life before she died in London at the age of forty-seven. By then, Judy had long been struggling with all kinds of problems of a person who had grown up in the limelight since her first performance at the age of three.

Although the film does not shirk any of this, it also concentrates on what a loving mother and a fabulous performer she could be.

Like all biopics, it stands or falls by the performance of the star. Renée Zellweger is utterly convincing as Judy and completely worthy of her recent best actress Oscar triumph.

If you missed it at the cinema, come and see it at the Film Forum. If you have already seen it, you will know it bears a second viewing.


The Farewell

Wednesday 6th May

Judy(In English and Chinese with subtitles)

In the year in which the first non-English language film won best picture at the Academy Awards, you could say that ‘The Farewell’ has been unfairly overlooked… however; it did receive tremendous critical acclaim at the Sundance Independent Film Festival.

Billi is a young woman, born in China but now living in America with her parents who have settled in New York. Billi learns that her beloved grandmother Nai Nai is seriously ill back in China. Billi wants to do all she can for Nai Nai but runs up against the wishes of the rest of her family who want to tell a ‘good lie’ and keep the seriousness of Nai Nai’s illness from her. With part of the dialogue in English and part of it in Chinese, the film plays with who understands which language and who knows the truth about Nai Nai’s situation. A family wedding provides the perfect excuse for everybody to meet up in China. There are some beautifully poignant moments and moving performances. It is also very funny in parts. If you do not already know the film, why not give it a chance at the Film Forum?


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