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Berkhamsted Triathlon

Welcome to the first ever Berkhamsted Triathlon, brought to you by Cliff King Events and in aid of The Hospice of St Francis.


400m (16 lengths) Indoor 6-lane swimming pool of 25m length.
Format is a staggered start of 12 competitors every 10 minutes. NO DIVING INTO THE POOL. There will be 2 swimmers, starting 10 seconds apart in each lane. You will swim your 16 lengths in the direction (clockwise or anti-clockwise) indicated by the lane counters and only leave the pool when indicated by the lane counter. Please also count your own lengths. Do not change your start time. Please note we will do our best to keep to your allocated start time, however, where other competitors have underestimated their swim times, this can cause delays – we hope this does not happen! If you need to overtake another competitor during your swim, please follow the normal etiquette of tapping them gently on the foot, and overtaking at the next available end. If you are tapped on the foot by another competitor, please allow them to pass you when you reach the end of that length of the pool. Tumble turns are permitted – if you are not doing a tumble turn then just touch the wall at the end of the lane with your hand.

You must climb out of the pool; you cannot use the steps.
Leave the pool with care, it may be slippery, via the emergency exit, into transition.


Approx 20km (12 miles)
The course starts and finishes at the Knox Johnston Sports Centre.
Follow the orange signs. Obey the Highway Code. Competitors will not be allowed to start without a fastened helmet. Reminder: during the race do not put on or take off your helmet unless your bike is on the racking. Drafting will not be permitted. You must walk your bike between transition and the mount/dismount line. Proceed with caution as you enter and exit the Centre entrance road as there may be other cyclists, runners and cars in this area.

It is a LEFT HAND TURN out of the leisure centre and a RIGHT HAND TURN after approx. half a mile. It is well signposted and marshaled, but you need to be alert for signs and traffic.

There are a couple of winding and steep sections, be careful if it is wet or raining. At various points along the course, marshals will be there to advise but have no power to stop or control traffic – you are responsible for your own safety.


Approx 8km (5 miles)
Use pavements where possible and follow the signage, see later in the booklet for maps. Be aware of other cyclists and runners as you exit the transition area.
Be careful when crossing the road at the marshalled point, just after the stretch through the playing fields, marshals will advise when safe, but you must take responsibility for your own safety.

There will be clear red and white tape marking the whole section of the run.
There will be a drinks station and marshals checking in your number at the half way turning point.

This is an out and back trail run. Please be careful and use the Highway Code, staying to the left hand side of the trail. The finish is back at Knox Johnston. Take care as it may be uneven underfoot.

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