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VOLUNTEERING The newsletter of The Hospice of St Francis
Our team of over 1000 dedicated volunteers is integral to the work of The Hospice of St Francis. They create a warm environment for shoppers, event participants, patients, visitors and enhance the whole Hospice team.
Spotlight on our High eld shop
June (2nd left) with Marilyn (centre) and Claire, serving a happy customer
Our shop in High eld, Hemel, has a team of 34 volunteers, who perform a variety of tasks, from welcoming customers to window dressing.
“I started volunteering because I believe in the cause,” says June. “The Hospice supported my grandchildren after they lost their grandparents. I love working here because I enjoy it so much. We’re constantly laughing and everyone mucks in to get the job done.”
Toni, another volunteer, was persuaded to help out by a friend and enjoys sorting through the stock and arranging bric-a-brac. “We all get on and have a giggle. The manager usually tells us what the takings have been for the day and it’s good to set myself a challenge to increase it the following week.”
Claire works on the till and checks games, puzzles, DVDs and cards. “I love it!” she says, “I buy most of my wardrobe here. After my partner died, I wanted to keep busy and the shop needed helpers. I live locally so it’s easy to get here and I’m always treated as part of the team.”
Marilyn Cooke-Willing, Shop Manager, comments,
“I have a wonderful team of volunteers and I like to be able to support them. When Terry  rst arrived, he was very shy. Now he joins in and volunteers
as often as he can. He really looks forward to being here.
Thank you to all our volunteers
We want to say a big THANK YOU to all of our volunteers. From 31st May-6th June, we’ll be celebrating National Volunteers’ Week. Hospice sta  across individual departments thank their volunteers in various ways throughout the year, recognising their e orts and the time they give. We also take this opportunity to give volunteers certi cates and badges for long service to the Hospice.
“The volunteers make a big di erence
to increasing our takings and they help to create
a very happy, community shop run by local people, but most of all we enjoy working together to raise money for the Hospice.”
Unsung heroes
Within the Hospice, there are over 70 voluntary roles, supported by skilled and willing individuals, who give their time to help us achieve our aims.
You probably know that people help
in our shops and on our Inpatient Unit but did you know about Dave, who looks after the  sh tank; the team
who help with our monthly memorial service; our  ower arrangers who add sparkle and colour to the place; the ironing team who support the Inpatient Unit; our photographers who help capture events for us, and those in the back o ce? Yes, there are many!
Dave, who looks after our  sh tank
Sue, one of our  ower arrangers
Rona, 17, from Dunstable, says:
“I’d like to train in paediatric nursing and started volunteering at the Hospice to gain an insight into healthcare and the impact it can have on people’s lives. Helping on the IPU surprised me, although often people are very sick, which can be upsetting, most people are grateful for the little things.
Rona with a patient and his sister
“Without hospices our health care system would not be what it is today, and when I become a nurse I will need to make the little things count. The Hospice has given me invaluable knowledge, and a greater passion to do something that makes a di erence.”
Here’s what Dave, our  sh tank volunteer, says about volunteering: “I feel very privileged to have been given the aquarium to care for – it has led to many interesting conversations and seems to be universally appreciated.
“It allows me to make my own personal contribution to the ambience of the Hospice, and has reinforced my involvement with this incredible caring organisation.”
For more information about our voluntary roles or how you could use your skills to support the Hospice, please visit: or call Gillian in Voluntary Services on: 01442 869550.
June, busy window-dressing
Visit our website to  nd out how you can get involved:

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