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The newsletter of The Hospice of St Francis
Make a
with us
Our volunteer team has gone from strength to strength, with over 150 new people volunteering their time and talents with the Hospice this year. We have welcomed more volunteers into our shops, offices, Inpatient Unit and to support our events.
The Hospice commits to engaging with the community and encouraging learning. Many students want to learn more about going into a medical environment, some want to change career and enhance various skills, using volunteering to support their learning, and others have specific talents they want to share,
all whilst helping us to reach our goals.
Join the team
• Everyonelovestorelaxandunwind,particularly when things are difficult. We are looking for a team of massage therapists to support our patients and carers on the Hospice’s inpatient unit. If you are a qualified therapist, with some time to spare, please do get in touch.
• TheHospicelikestoattendlocalfairsacrossour catchment area. We are looking for volunteers who can help set up and man a Hospice stall during busy periods in the year – transporting items to sell or raise the Hospice profile, setting up a gazebo and the stall, selling items and running games
for children.
• Ourcommunitycharityshopsarelookingfor volunteers to support the team, particularly in the Berkhamsted area. If you are able to give four hours each week or fortnight, please pop into your local Hospice shop to find out more.
• OureBayteamishopingtorecruitsomeonewho has a keen eye for vintage and designer clothing and a passion for fashion. Helping to stock and sell clothing raises valuable funds for the Hospice. This new role is ideal for someone who has spare time during the week and is based in Berkhamsted.
The Hospice welcomes applications from volunteers from across our catchment area.
If you are interested in finding out more about volunteering with or working with the Hospice, please contact us on: 01442 869557 or visit our website:
Our gardening team have been supported by various local companies, including Gillespie Manners and Satellite Creative. The teams helped our gardeners to prepare for the NGS Open Gardens Event (taking place at 2pm on Sunday 6th September) and maintain a tranquil garden for patients and visitors to the Hospice.
Paul Mathews has volunteered with the Hospice’s eBay team
for four years. He specialises in researching, pricing and listing donated items such as cameras,
lenses and binoculars. Paul’s volunteering helps the Hospice to
maximise the potential of these donations, raising approximately £2k each month. Paul is part of a
team of 25 volunteers, each of whom researches, lists, photographs or
packages our donated items.
Hector has been
volunteering on our Inpatient
Unit for just over a year. He first
got involved to gain experience
of working in a medical
environment and said, “I wanted
to volunteer as I see taking care
of another human being and
communicating with others will
give me a greater understanding
of life. I know the role of the
Hospice and how it cares for
patients and their families. My
own father had a stroke last year
and was fortunate enough to make a full recovery. It was very hard and I recognise the needs families have when someone they care for is sick.”
Hector grew up in Italy and now studies at Berkhamsted School. He is hoping to go into medicine and is currently working hard towards achieving his A-Levels.
Visit our website to find out how you can get involved: p7

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