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The newsletter of The Hospice of St Francis
Supporting Children who have lost Someone Special
BBC Children in Need have pledged a further three years of funding for our significant work supporting children facing bereavement or serious illness in the family.
Our highly experienced Children’s Support Workers, Beth Wastling and Jo Derry, together with a team of highly trained volunteers, work with children to support them and build their resilience as they face serious family illness or loss. Last year we supported 79 bereaved children, delivering a range of one-to-one, age appropriate group and family activities, which promote peer support through creativity, play and
socialising. All support is tailored to the needs of each child.
We recognise how isolating it can feel for a child living with loss and, whilst every situation is unique, providing activities which give children the opportunity to meet others in similar circumstances can be invaluable for them. Group activities include our six-week cooking course for teens to encourage talking, sharing and learning a new skill; family and pony days working therapeutically to encourage difficult conversations; and a whole range of special events and activities enabling
children to experience
lasting memories of happiness and pleasure. Bereavement is an immensely stressful event that can take a huge toll on a child. Dealing with grief and coping with the normal struggles of growing up, can seriously affect a child’s personal relationships, school and home life. We aim to support children through this very difficult time, providing them with happy memories and allowing them to face the normal challenges of growing up with confidence and resilience.
Introduction of Health Care Assistants to The Hospice of St Francis
Attheendof2014twopart-timeHealthCareAssistants(HCA’s)joinedtheCommunity Specialist Palliative Care Nursing Team. The aim of this was to complement the already established team and increase their ability to provide a wider range of support in a more cost- effective, time-efficient manner and reach more people. Their appointments have recently been evaluated to identify the impact their role is having on the people we care
for, the rest of the community team and other health care professionals involved. The findings found:
• Patients/relativesstatedthattheyfelt more confidence in their ability to cope at home and could not have done this without the HCA input.
• TheTeamwereabletoprovideatwo person response to patients’ urgent requests for a visit for support and end of life care.
• TheHCA’senablepatientsandcarersto cope better at home and ultimately aim to avoidinappropriatehospitaladmissions, allowing patients to remain at home if they wish.
• TheHCA’sareabletoprovideaflexible visiting service, monitor stable patients andsupportmorecomplexpatientswith extra visits, including respite sits, to enable carers to get out and maintain resilience.
TheyalsoallowSpecialistNursesgreater time to manage complex issues.
• Patients/carersparticularlyidentified the HCA role in providing emotional and practical support.
The Garden Party raised over £20,000 p3
Some of our Childrens’ Supportive Care team with our CEO Steve Jamieson
Chris and Florrie Green on the Teen Cooking with Chris Course

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