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Have YOU felt the joy? Amanda has…!

We all understand why people take part in charity events when their lives have been touched by a particular illness or bereavement. But for the rest of us, who are fortunate not to have been affected yet, why should we take part in a fundraising event? We know about fundraising but what else is there? 

Joy. Plain and simple.

Imagine if I could transport you to a world where people are not just smiling but are grinning at each other; where the background noise is unrestrained, natural laughter; where no one worries what size you are, how fit you are or whether your hair looks ‘right’.

Welcome to the world of the Mud Pack Challenge where adults become kids again, and kids wish they were adults so they could take part!

Your heart glows with being part of something magnificent, important and meaningful. The stories around you have a quiet pride to them: the shared anecdotes, inspiring stories and the chance to remember. Many different journeys, through some sad and difficult times, which have all led to this one day, one event and the opportunity to have some simple fun.

Joy isn’t an emotion we get to experience often enough so grab the chance while it’s there. You’ll remember it with a smile and a little bit of joy will warm your heart with every memory.

Thank you

Amanda McDermott

Mud Pack Splat 

Inspired? Join Amanda, and sign up for one of our events this year. Do something joyful and make a difference

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