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David's Birthday Fundraiser

With the approach of his 70th birthday David Chenells decided that he would ask his family and friends for donations to the Hospice as he didn’t want any presents. ‘My family have benefited from the wonderful care provided by the Hospice and I saw my birthday as an opportunity to help others’.

David's Birthday Fundraiser

To help maximise the amount raised David generously paid for his family and friends to join him for a special birthday Indian meal. He noted on the invitation that there would be a collection for the Hospice so everyone came prepared to make a donation instead of giving him a gift.  A fantastic total of £638 was kindly donated by his family and friends.

 David's Birthday Fundraiser

David also invited a Hospice Ambassador to give a brief talk about the work of the Hospice and then mingle with his family and friends. ‘This really made people realise how important the Hospice is and appreciate why their donations were so important to help you support other families like mine’

If you would like help Giving in Celebration at your party or if you would like a Hospice Ambassador to attend your special celebration please contact the fundraising team on 01442 869 555 or

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