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Cavendish School's ‘Wacky week’

In order to raise £766.91 the Cavendish Sixth form committee held the school’s annual ‘Wacky week’ charity event which ran the course of three days raising the money through fun and exciting events everyone in both lower school and Sixth form could get involved in.

Cavendish Cake SaleIn these three days we held the following events: Cake Bake Sale where over 500 cakes and cookies were made by our Sixth form sold to the whole school and Teacher V. Food where five teachers, one of them being our Head teacher raced against time to complete food challenges such as demolishing a big chocolate cake in under a minute using only their hands.

Lastly there was a Talent show in which pupils from the lower school performed, sixth formers hosted and teachers judged.

The three days were run solely by students in the Sixth Form Committee and we worked in groups to organise each event. The students were wholly responsible for the organisation of their event, from budgeting to ensuring its success.

In addition there was a separate group responsible for the marketing. They made a video to promote the events and the charity in assemblies, posters which were advertised around the school, and made regular ticket sales for entry to the events. All of which had the Hospice of St Francis logo to promote the charity we were raising money for.

We are all very proud for what we have achieved. The hard work, organisation, and weeks of planning finally paid off when we raised a brilliant figure for such a great charity.

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