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Caroline's third Bubble Rush

This year Caroline Boncey takes on the bubbles for a third time - here she explains why... 

I've done the Midnight Walk lots of times, but the Bubble Rush was something different to do - and we get to play in the bubbles! 

Get your bubble onThis will be my third Bubble Rush. It's one of those things where you just have a laugh.  Not just the kids, but you find adults sitting in the bubbles, sliding through them.  One year, I went down the slide and came out looking like a smurf! Got home, and I was straight in the shower and scrubbing like mad!

You also get to see the reasons people are doing it, with the pictures and so on. You see smiles and laughter, the whole range of emotions, but I always find that there's a bit of sadness as you get to the finish line -- but you know you've done it for a reason and you get that tingly feeling.

You should do it.  You definitely should.​

Join us on the day

Caroline in the bubblesSixteen years ago, my nan was diagnosed with cancer and died a week later.  She was in the old hospice, down on Shrublands Road, and she died the same day she went in.  But the care my family got when they went with her, and even afterwards -- I had the phone counselling -- was absolutely brilliant.  To make that sort of impression in that short a time was amazing. 

My family had always been one that would never have gone into a hospice - they hated hospitals and going in them - but that totally changed. You've got to take that idea away that a hospice is like a hospital - that stigma is going away a bit now, but a hospice isn't like that at all. 

When I was there with her, I told my nan I would do everything I could to help.  It's been sixteen years, and I try to do something every year.  It does get hard trying to fundraise, but whatever I can raise, even if it's just £50, it's £50 more than they had.  All those little ones together all add up.

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