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Dignity in death rising to the top of local Hospital Agenda

02 April 2015

Rose Project Award 

Claire Nicell, Hospice Champion Educator, working with The Hospice of St Francis and Peace Hospice Care for the West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust, was recently awarded a ‘Celebrating Excellence Staff Award’ by Jac Kelly, Chief Executive of Watford Hospital, for her work in implementing the Rose Project.

Claire and her team have been working alongside NHS palliative Hospital staff to bring hospice values and expertise onto the hospital wards. The Rose Project sees the introduction of a rose symbol on the wards to promote dignity and compassion at the end of life. The symbol is being displayed when a person is reaching the end of life, or following the death of a patient, with the support of the family, to communicate the need for quietness and respect. All staff from the clinical teams to the porters are being asked to be considerate in their activity at this time and to be prepared to meet people who are grieving or distressed.

Claire Nicell said: “I am delighted to accept this award on behalf of my dedicated team and am so pleased that the Rose Project is being introduced on local hospital wards. We hope it will help transform the experience of those whose loved one dies in hospital. The project is all about prompting staff to remember the small things that show people care; honest, open communication; compassion and controlling pain alongside kind words and a cup of tea. It is imperative that we treat dying patients, and those important to them, exactly as we would want ourselves or our loved ones treated.



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