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New prostate cancer course

15 January 2015

“If you’re a man with prostate cancer and you’ve got questions, or you need help managing your symptoms, you need to go to the Hospice’s Spring Centre for support,” says local Berkhamsted resident and retired self-employed company director, Roger Petts, 78.

Roger was speaking to endorse the Hospice’s new Prostate Cancer Wellbeing course, designed to support men, and those close to them, move forward with their life following prostate cancer treatment. The six week course starts on Tuesday 10th February at 2pm.

The course will cover a different topic every week in a relaxed and informal environment, with each session lasting two hours. Topics will include dealing with potential side effects of the disease, coping with stress and fatigue, recommended diet and exercise regimes plus managing relationships and intimacy. The last session will be devoted to moving forward following a diagnosis to give men confidence to get on with their everyday lives.

Roger continues, “I was diagnosed with prostate cancer early in 2014 and my GP suggested I went to the Hospice to access the support services in the Spring Centre as I was struggling with the side effects of radiotherapy and in discomfort.

“Initially, I was reluctant, not knowing what I’d find, but was immediately put at ease by Tina Smith, the specialist prostate cancer nurse. She’s been superb, answering my many, many, questions about the disease, suggesting acupuncture at the Hospice for pain relief and giving me reassurance about my long-term prognosis. And, it’s all been for free!”

“GPs are so busy these days and the Hospice’s Spring Centre is set up to give you valuable time. Time to ask questions, to talk, to advise, to reassure, to recommend treatments that might help. You can ask as much as you want to know. After my visits to the Spring Centre, I come home feeling rejuvenated and full of positivity. The support really has been invaluable. The Hospice is helping me maintain my quality of life and ensuring I’m able to manage my diagnosis and look forward to the future.”

The new course is a forum for men to meet with others in a similar situation and discuss common issues in an informal, yet confidential, environment with prostate cancer Specialist nurse, Tina Smith. In addition to the group course, the Hospice will continue to run its Prostate Cancer Wellbeing Clinic weekly in its Spring Centre for individual appointments.

Tina explains, “I’ve supported over 50 men with prostate cancer in the past six months and am launching this new course as a way to bring men with similar symptoms together to share experiences and find out relevant information which will help them manage their disease.

“The overall aim of the course is to improve men’s health, independence and confidence and give them the support they need to get back in the driving seat and move on with their life.”

To find out more, for an informal chat or to reserve a place, please call Tina on 01442 869550 or email The Hospice of St Francis has ample parking available and the Spring Centre is on the ground floor and accessible to all



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