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Meet Lottie, Therapy Dog

My job at the Hospice: I help children dealing
with loss or serious Lottie Therapy Dog illness in their family. Sometimes we go for walks in the woods. Other times they brush me and make a fuss. I’m good at sensing how they feel. I love making them smile, but if they just want to cry and have a cuddle, I’m there for them.

A favourite moment at the Hospice: One girl had lost someone special and didn’t want to talk to anyone. She started stroking me and I knew she was sad. I put my head on her lap and looked up at her. She started talking to me while I nuzzled her and I think that really helped.

Why I’m good at my job: I love children, and whenever Bridget (my mum) brings out my therapy lead I start wagging my tail. I’m great at comforting kids and helping them to relax. I’m also a really good listener. I never interrupt!

A time I was naughty: I’m not supposed to play with balls at work. But once a boy found a tennis ball and I couldn’t help myself! When he threw it, I wanted to fetch it! Bridget had me on the lead and I nearly pulled her off her feet!

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