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Shopping Trends to look out for in 2019


Let's face it, unless you've got a crystal ball, keeping up with what's hot (and what's not) is no mean feat. Having recently returned from one of this year's main Trade Shows our Head of Trading, Sarah, shares her thoughts on emerging trends; new stock ideas, and what to expect in 2019!

There's never really a quiet time around the shops and the start of this year's trading has been no different. We're constantly planning ahead and one of the big winners that's here to stay is eco-friendly products.

Environment, environment, environment

The strong eco message is driven by increasing awareness that the mass consumption of resources is not sustainable. With over 2.5 billion single use plastic lined cups going into landfill in the UK each year, pressure is on to turn the tide. We are doing our bit at number twenty with our quirky and stylish water bottles and bamboo and recycled eco-friendly coffee cups.

Eco Friendly Products 

Becoming plastic-free, but staying on trend, is not as tricky as you may think - as long as you know where to look! We've got bees wax food wrappers and re-usable sandwich bags arriving shortly – all in eye catching designs - or check out our stylish flat water bottles which easily fit into a bag or briefcase. Later in the year we will take delivery of some fabulous vintage jelly beach bags; all 100% recyclable, washable and re-usable in an array of rainbow colours. 

Look out too for more handmade, ethical and eco-friendly home and lifestyle products coming soon...

All things home grown

Championing new design and home grown talent is something we are always doing at number twenty where we have a number of local suppliers of toiletries, stationery, jewellery and books. As the team go around the Trade Shows we also focus on emerging brands with something new to offer. Look out for the new Orbitkey range which has just arrived in the shop and for Sam Wilson’s luxury range of homewares which capture the essence of spring and Easter.


Dark wood furniture is back

When it comes to interior design, 'home' rather than the outside world will become the focus, providing a sharp contrast to the chaotic world. There is a resurgence in interest for darker wood furniture and accessories referencing bygone eras – for further inspiration look no further than our furniture showroom Returned to Glory.

Dark wood furniture

Textures are in...

Mixing the rough with the smooth. From jewellery to vases, cushions to clocks this ultra-tactile look features everywhere. We've already got a great range of ceramic textured pots in stock.


Finally... Christmas (Yes, we know it's only February!)

The team at number twenty are already on the case...

  • 'Christmas 2019' incorporates a strong natural element; bark, pine cones and twigs. Natural ornaments to hang on trees, wooden lanterns and candle holders – echoing the eco message
  • Blue is a new addition to the traditional green, red and gold colour palette – look out for midnight blues and aquamarine
  • Patterns are making a come- back – herringbone, polka dots and stripes
  • Warm golden light is everywhere with Christmas ornaments lit from within

Last year’s Christmas card sales achieved profits of over £25,000 - 100% of which went to supporting the work of the hospice in the local community - and we're already working on exciting designs for this year.


2019 is an exciting year, with the 20th anniversary of our first shop, in Abbots Langley - and as the Hospice turns 40 we'll be hosting a Fashion Show on 25th September (save the date!)


You can find all the latest news from our shops online and follow them on Instagram

Beeswax Wraps
Look out for more handmade, ethical and eco-friendly home and lifestyle products...



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