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Support for Children

Children’s Supportive Care offer support to children, young people and their parents when there is significant illness in the family and after bereavement, encouraging them to express their thoughts and feelings. We are here to ‘walk alongside you’ in your journey.

Children and young people can express themselves and reflect about their situation in a safe, facilitated environment where the young person can express themselves through talking, art making, play and story telling. We also hold groups, encouraging peer support.

Sometimes there are things that children want to know; perhaps they feel afraid to ask and those more closely involved family members may find difficult to answer.

Family Film Mornings

This is an opportunity for families to watch a film with other families who are bereaved or dealing with significant illness.

Attendance at this event is by invitation. Please contact the Children’s Supportive Care Team.

Family Activity and Pony Days

Informal family groups supporting children at the Hospice include our Pony Days in the Hospice grounds. These run every 4-6 weeks between March and September and are handled by our Children’s Supportive Care Team, with ponies supplied and handled one of our nurses. This session offers therapeutic animal facilitation alongside a themed art activity for children aged between 2- 12 years old where there is serious illness in the family or who are bereaved.

Teen Drop In

Teen Drop In is a fortnightly group running on Tuesday evenings for teenagers between the ages of 12 and 18 where there is serious illness in the family or who are bereaved.

Referrals are made through the children’s support co-ordinators. An informal activities group led by two experienced child support workers, this offers an opportunity for teenagers that have shared similar experiences and or feelings to support each other in a safe environment.

When 17-year-old Tess first came to the Hospice, her mum, Sue, was in its Inpatient Unit with terminal cancer and Tess was in what felt like a permanent state of chaos and anxiety. She didn’t understand what was happening to her mum - or what was happening to her.

Thanks to support from the Hospice’s Children’s team, 18 months on, Tess is in a much better place and her hope is that other people her age who have a parent with a serious illness know that places like the Hospice exist and can help them…

You can read Tess' story here.


Teen Cooking with Chris Course

This 6 week course is open to teenagers where there is serious illness in the family or who are bereaved.

They come along to cook with a significant adult and offers a supportive environment in which food becomes a therapeutic bridging tool as well as offering a skill for life. Each course is individually tailored to the participants needs and skill sets.

Please contact Children's Supportive Care for more information.

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