Occupational Therapy

Relaxation Session

The aim of relaxation is to promote wellbeing through a variety of techniques.Experienced therapists lead groups, providing peer support and training opportunities as well as individual sessions.Different techniques are used in each session – for example, Chinese massage, adapted Tai Chi, relaxed breathing, mental imagery and simple muscle relaxation exercises.Learned relaxation techniques can be then used independently and home and shared with others, for example a carer may find it help to share relaxation techniques with someone they are caring for.

Fatigue Management Workshops

These workshops are aimed to give insight into why participants may be suffering with fatigue. We give participants strategies that can be used to manage fatigue, improve quality of daily life and provide support and advice around equipment that is available to assist with reducing fatigue in daily tasks. During the session we encourage participants to use relaxation and breathing techniques on a regular basis to reduce fatigue. We also provide chair based exercises and relaxation techniques that can be carried out at home

Gardening Group

The aim of this group is to be with others sharing a similar interest and gain peer support while participating in an activity that gives you purpose and satisfaction. During the groups you can trial adapted garden tools and learn from others as well as share knowledge and advice.

HOPE Course (Help Overcoming Problems Effectively)

This six week course is designed to give participants the ability to recognise their own potential for making changes to enhance quality of life, confidence and happiness. It provides a supportive environment to share concerns with others, giving participants increased confidence in dealing with emotional issues, depression, anxiety, anger and frustration. Participants will gain knowledge on how to achieve long and short term plans for change by setting goals for themselves using problem solving steps.

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