Frequently asked questions

  • What exactly will my St Francis Specialist Nurse do?
    Your nurse will get to know you and try to understand how your illness is affecting your life and your family. They will be interested, not just in the physical problems, but in the emotional and social problems related to your illness and will help to support you through some of these issues.

    They might also refer you to different members of the Hospice team, a Hospice doctor or a complementary therapist, or ask for a physiotherapist to assess you.
  • Can my nurse stay overnight with me?
    Our nursing team is an advisory and supportive service. If you need nursing care or supervision overnight, our nursing team will help to organise that care if it is available
  • How will I know who to ring?
    Your St Francis Specialist Nurse will explain to you which numbers to ring day or night and who to ring for different sorts of help.

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