Bereavement Support

Contact the Bereavement Support Team directly via email: bereavementsupport@stfrancis.org.uk

Bereavement Telephone Support Line

Around six weeks after a bereavement we send a letter to relatives and close friends of patients that we have cared for, offering our support and enclosing information about the different types of support we can offer. If we do not hear from you otherwise, a member of our Bereavement Support Line team then calls to see how you are, and to offer you a space to talk things through. Our Support line operates on Mondays between 4pm and 830pm. Some people feel one or two calls are enough: others welcome regular calls for longer. If you would like to hear from us sooner, or to arrange a call, please call the Bereavement Team on 01442 869550.

Pilgrim Group and Tea@2 Bereavement Group

Approximately three months following a bereavement, we invite primary carers to come to our bereavement group.

Pilgrim Group is an informal support group on the last Monday of the month from 7pm- 830pm, Tea at 2, its afternoon equivalent, runs on the last Wednesday of the month from 2pm- 330pm, and both offer the opportunity to meet others who might be in similar situations.

We understand that coming to a group for the first time can be difficult, so prior to the meeting, the coordinator of the group will telephone you to talk in more detail and discuss arrival arrangements so that she can ensure you are welcomed on your arrival.

Supportive Care Team members facilitate these groups and offer one to one conversations for those who would like them; otherwise people sit in small groups and talk amongst themselves.

Some people come along for a few months, others stay for longer- everyone chooses their own way and time of leaving the group. For more information, speak to the Bereavement Team, Tania Brocklehurst or Lesley Brewster on 01442 869550

Bereavement Visiting

Our specially trained volunteers can visit to support you in your own home. They will provide a listening ear and give you the opportunity to talk through how you are feeling. To find out more, call 01442 869550 and ask to speak to Lesley Brewster, Bereavement Support Assistant

Individual Counselling

We can offer individual bereavement counselling sessions with a qualified counsellor or an experienced placement counsellor to family members and close friends.

Some people might feel they would like a one off session to talk through something in particular; others may prefer to attend sessions on a more regular basis over a period of time with reviews every six sessions up to a maximum of 24. All our counsellors are members of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and abide by its ethical framework.

Referrals to Tania Brocklehurst, Bereavement Lead and Counselling Co-ordinator

Cooking with Chris

Cooking with Chris is a 6 week cooking group for bereaved family members and carers that helps to increase motivation to cook and teaches vital cooking skills and techniques. Run twice yearly, in the Spring and the Autumn, each course has 6 – 8 participants that cook and eat together at the end of each session forming a supportive group facilitated by Chris, Gill, Kay and the Supportive Care Team. Each course is individually tailored to each group. Referrals to Tania Brocklehurst, Bereavement Lead.

These groups recently featured on the BBC Radio 4 Food Programme in a story on Bereavement and Food. The radio feature interviewed participants about their experiences and there are some very moving interviews. Further analysis on this subject can also be seen on their website

If you would like any further information please contact the Bereavement Team on 01442 869550 /869558

Email: springcentre@stfrancis.org.uk

Herts and Beds Bereavement Alliance Directory Published May 2015

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