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Terry's Story

Dad was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in August last year.

We really weren’t prepared for it. He was a fit, strong 71-year-old who just six weeks before, had been happy renovating a bathroom and playing golf with his friends.

Dad’s first reaction was an emotional one, because he was going to be separated from the people he loved. ‘I’m going to miss your children,’ was the first thing he said to me after the diagnosis - these being our three daughters, aged five, three and our newborn, who was six weeks old at the time.

Our larger than life Dad, who loved life and was loved by so many – it didn’t seem real. The 17 days he was in hospital was a difficult time. Despite the hard-working staff, the system seemed to be failing us whilst time was running out.

We learned that Dad’s prognosis was weeks rather than months and that palliative care was the only option. We knew about The Hospice of St Francis and were overcome with relief when a bed became available for Dad.

Within minutes of arriving at the Hospice, one of the specialist doctors spent time individually with my family. She explained the situation, detailing Dad’s medical condition and helping us understand what was coming. We were just in a different league of care. The staff, volunteers, facilities, beautiful surroundings, and the dignity and peace it affords patients and their loved ones proved transformative for us.

Me with Dad and Mum at my weddingThe Hospice’s care showed everywhere – it was obviously a special place. Dad was comfortable, at peace, able to be himself and ask how to make the most of the situation he was in. I am so proud of my Dad and so grateful to the Hospice for creating such an environment.

It’s hard to explain how grateful we are that Dad spent his final days at the Hospice, which transformed the last 10 days of his life and our last days with him. It really was a little bit of heaven before his passing.

A year ago, if you’d asked me to donate to a Hospice, I probably would have said there are more worthy causes. However, now that I’ve seen the effect this Hospice had on Dad and on our wider family, I am converted. This special place helped us make the most of Dad’s final days and we are eternally grateful.

If you are able to, please send a gift today to help The Hospice of St Francis support more loved ones and families when it matters most.

Thank you

Brian Sig 

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