Film Forum 2017

The Spring Centre at The Hospice of St Francis

Doors Open 6:45pm - Film Starts 7:00pm

Our Film Forums are held at the Spring Centre at The Hospice of St Francis on the first Wednesday of the Month.

A suggested donation of £5 for refreshments.  


THE Christmas Classic: It’s a Wonderful Life

Wednesday 6th Dec 2017

Its a Wonderful Life IMDB

This is one of the great films whether for Christmas or any other time of the year. It’s a Wonderful Life is over seventy years old now but it continues to be an uplifting, heart-warming fable about being alive.

James Stewart is George Bailey, an every-man figure down on his luck, who in his despair wonders if his life has been worth living. He is magically shown how poorer other people’s lives would have been had he not been born. George comes to feel loved and to acknowledge his love for others in a way that is wonderfully transforming.



Wednesday 3rd Jan 2018 


Film - lionSaroo is a five-year old Indian boy. Whilst on an errand with his older brother he becomes separated and stuck on a train that carries him hundreds of miles away from his family. He ends up on the streets until he is eventually adopted and brought up in Australia.

In a BAFTA winning performance Dev Patel plays the grown-up Saroo desperate to learn what became of his birth family. The whole cast is strong and includes Nicole Kidman as his adoptive mother.

The film is based on a true story and the inclusion of real footage makes it all the powerful. Not to be missed!  

La La Land

Wednesday 7th Feb 2018

Film - la la landLa La Land, the most infamous runner up for best film in Oscar history. Over-hyped or a glorious, bittersweet, song and dance love letter to the Hollywood movie industry? Come and make your minds up the week before Valentine’s Day. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are the lovers, each struggling for a career in show business. They both won leading actor Oscars but this multiple-award winning extravaganza didn’t pick up the big prize of best film. What do you think?



Wednesday 7th March 2018

MoonlightThe film is a story of the boyhood, youth and early adulthood of Chiron, a shy, withdrawn person who grows up picked upon and starved of love in a tough neighbourhood of Miami. There are some heart breaking moments as he is repeatedly let down by people he hopes might care for him.

There is great depth to every character. They experience guilt and shame but also care and tenderness to go with their toughness. The acting throughout is beautifully nuanced to bring out all those feelings present but unexpressed. The pace is not rushed and the moments of stillness allow us to see the feelings on their faces. It is very much a worthy Oscar winner for the best film.  



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