Film Forum 2018

The Spring Centre at The Hospice of St Francis

Doors Open 6:45pm - Film Starts 7:00pm

Our Film Forums are held at the Spring Centre at The Hospice of St Francis on the first Wednesday of the Month.

A suggested donation of £5 for refreshments.  

The Levelling

Wednesday 5th September

The Levelling

This is a debut feature film by Hope Dickson Leach. Trainee vet Clover Catto (Ellie Kendrick) returns for the first time in years following a family tragedy to the farm where she grew up. The farm itself is much changed from when she lived there. It has been devastated by floods and is on the verge of ruin.

The story is very much about the relationship between Clover and her father Aubrey (David Troughton). The film is at times as unforgiving and as bleak as its setting but eventually Clover and Aubrey are able to express and share their suffering and to find some hope in each other. It is a very powerful, critically acclaimed British family drama.


A Ghost Story

Wednesday 3rd October

A Ghost Story

Casey Affleck spends most of the film like a Hallowe’en ghost from a children’s story. What might seem gimmicky becomes very poignant as he wanders around his home, there but not there, witnessing how he is mourned by his partner.

The film ambitiously opens out on a much broader sweep to remind us that most places and times in which we live have been peopled by lives from the past.

This particular ghost story does not aim at any simple conclusion but it does create a very affecting mood of its own with some beautifully tender moments.


Nicky's Family

Wednesday 7th November

Nicky's Family

Recent mainstream films such as Dunkirk and Darkest Hour have been about well-known stories of the Second World War. This documentary however is about a little known story of one man’s efforts to save as many young lives as he could. Such was Sir Nicholas Winton’s modesty that what he did only came to light when his wife discovered a chest of documents in their attic fifty years later.

It is an extraordinary story told by interviews with some of the surviving children, Winton’s wife and with Sir Nicholas himself. The film not only celebrates what he achieved but also celebrates his legacy of inspiration for humanitarian groups around the world. We might need some tissues for this one.


Finding Your Feet

Wednesday 5th December

Finding your feet

This is a wonderfully spirited ‘later life’ romantic comedy. Imelda Staunton plays Sandra, a well-to-do woman suddenly forced to ‘slum it’ with her estranged and considerably less well-off sister Bif played by Celia Imrie. Sandra rediscovers herself. She ‘re-finds’ her feet if anything and finds much to live and hope for in her changed circumstances. It is a comedy but there are also tears. The film manages to be uplifting without being sentimental. It has a host of favourite British stars who are all very much on form. It is a lovely way to end the 2018 Film Forum programme and look forward to 2019. Come along and enjoy it with us.


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