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Bereavement Support

Our care continues with bereavement support for family members and close friends. We have a team of specially trained volunteers, led by our Bereavement Coordinator.

We currently offer the following services:

Individual Counselling

Bereavement Support Group- The Pilgrim Group

Bereavement visiting

Telephone Support Line

Cooking Groups for Bereaved Adults and Teenagers

Individual counselling

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If you would like to speak to someone on a one-to-one basis at The Hospice of St Francis we can offer individual counselling sessions to family members and close friends with a qualified counsellor, or one who is on placement here with us during their second year of their diploma training.

Some people might feel they would like a one-off session to talk through something in particular, or an aspect of their bereavement that is worrying or confusing them. Others may prefer to see their counsellor weekly, reviewing this every 6 weeks.

Sometimes it can be useful for the whole family to come and speak with someone together. Our Family Therapist offers therapeutic family meetings with couples, families and their children. Following a family session, some family members may choose to engage in some individual counselling, whilst also coming together in family therapy.

Bereavement support group – Pilgrim Group

At approximately eight weeks following bereavement, we invite primary carers to come to our Pilgrim Group. This is an informal Bereavement Support Group run on the last Monday of the month and offers the opportunity to socialise with others who might be experiencing similar feelings. Supportive Care Team members facilitate this evening and are able to offer one-to-one conversations to those people who would like them.

Bereavement visiting

We have a group of trained volunteers who are able to visit you in your own home, supporting you in your bereavement. They provide a listening role, giving you the opportunity to talk through how you are feeling in the comfort of your own home.

Telephone support line

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Our telephone support line is operated each Monday between 4:00pm and 8.30pm. At approximately six weeks following bereavement we telephone family and friends and offer our support. Some people might feel one or two calls are sufficient, whilst others might like regular calls for a while each week or month.

Cooking Groups for Bereaved Adults and Teenagers

Following our successful pilot groups for ‘Cooking With Chris’, which is a 6-week course that combines practical cooking skills with bereavement support, we have outlined a guide for those who may wish to start their own cooking group. This could be another Hospice or Health Organisation, or a private group within your community.

If you would Like to discuss this further, or would like to be considered for the next course at St Francis, please feel free to contact Tania Brocklehurst, Bereavement Coordinator on 01442 869550 or email her on

“Enjoyed the course very much, nice to meet others and gave me the motivation to cook more at home”

“The course has been extremely helpful emotionally. A huge thank you to the staff and volunteers who made us all feel relaxed and really encouraged us in every way”

If you would like to speak to somebody about any of the above, please call 01442 869550, and ask for Tania Brocklehurst in The Supportive Care Team.

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